Happy Spring!!!

I'm sure all of you are just as excited as we are that Spring has FINALLY arrived!!!!  We've been very busy over the winter formulating new products for our lines that help you take better care of yourself.  At the end of the day, that's what it's all about, SELFCARE!!  We'd like to formally introduce you to some of our newest products that will help you do just that.  All of our new products, like the rest, are Organic, GMO Free, Vegan, Organic, and Cruelty Free.

Beard Balm and Beard Oil have been added to our Shave Collection.  These products are all organic, GMO free, Fragrance Free, and contain ingredients that not only help men take great care of their facial hair, but also the skin below that beard or mustache!!  We know you want your skin and facial hair to be as healthy as possible and we're looking out for you!!  

Lift Serum has been added to our Facial Care and Serum Collection!  This Serum is specifically designed to tighten and lift areas that tend to be the first signs of our skin losing that elasticity we enjoyed in our younger years.  Our chest, neck, and chin area usually gets overlooked when we discuss face creams and wrinkle treatments, and that is a huge error.  Let Lift Serum help you to tighten that under chin area and assist you in putting definition back in to the jaw line area.  Lift Serum can also be used around the lip area, brow line, and forehead area!!  

Phase 2 Eye Cream and Phase 2 Face Cream have been added to the Facial Care and Serum Collection!!  This new addition to our product is for the men and women that need a little extra kick in our facial products. Phase 2 was designed for that second phase of life.  

The Phase 2 Eye Cream will help with areas such as dark under eye circles, puffiness in the eye area, decreased apperance in find lines and wrinkles, and lifting and tightening of the upper lid area. 

The Phase 2 Face Cream has been designed to have the wonderful aspects of keeping our skin soft and clear like the Mystic Face Cream, with the added benefits of helping to firm, lift, retexturize, and assisting with that over all radiant glow of healthy skin we strive for.  When our skin looks healthy and rejuvinated it has a way of making us FEEL rejuvinated!!  

Lash Serum has also been added to our Facial Care and Serum Collection!!  Our lashes are another area that gets over looked!!  A lot of us, ladies inparticular, depend on mascara to give us more of a fuller looking lash without asking ourselves if there's a way to actually make our lashes healthy and fuller.  Lash Serum was created using a simple recipe that is meant to soften our lashes creating less breakage, and to from there allow our lashes to grow healthier and fuller naturally. 

None of these products are the "create perfection in one treatment $800 miracle oil", but what we do put in to our products is a way to let nature help us out a little.   Our skin is the largest organ we have, and we should nourish the outside as much as the inside!! 

Also, If you haven't used your 10% code for signing up for subcribing to Earth Star Company News, this is a great time to use it!!